So I am visiting Goucher College/New York end of August! (Goucher August 28th, New York August 30th and 31st)
I am signed up for an interview at Goucher, a campus tour, and an information session. Would anyone want to do an unofficial tour for me as well? Show me their dorm and what life is like outside of a tour and give me tips for my interview? Or even just grab coffee and tell me all about Goucher life?
And New Yorkers! What do you recommend doing over the 48 I have! I’m staying about 10 minutes from Central Park. What should I do??


Alexa Chung and Alex Turner

I have more Tinder matches than Tumblr followers

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drinking tea now and then doesnt make you sophisticated it just means you like drinkign wet leaf

enjoy your fucki ng wet leaves

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